BroadWorks, Metaswitch, NetSapiens, Ribbon: Is the future bright or bleak?

May 30, 2024 | 12:00PM US/EASTERN TIME

The communications software landscape is evolving, and voice service providers need to understand the forces shaping the industry. Join our expert panelists as they discuss the future of major software providers and strategies for keeping your business competitive in this webinar.

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This webinar is for you if...

...you’re a voice & data service provider and seeking insights into:


Emerging trends shaping the communications software landscape.


Potential consolidation or disruption scenarios within the industry.


Strategies for future-proofing your business to stay competitive.


What You’ll Learn

In this live webinar, industry veterans Andrew Ward from Award Consulting, Peter Radizeski from RAD-INFO, and Mark Lindsey from ECG will provide an in-depth analysis covering:


Strengths, weaknesses, and long-term viability of each major software provider.


The impact of emerging technologies and shifting market demands.


Actionable insights to help you navigate the evolving industry landscape.

Meet Our Speakers


Mark Lindsey

Voice Network Engineering, ECG

Mark leads an engineering team at ECG and provides product planning, technical engineering, training, and direct engineering services to Voice and Data service providers and large enterprises. Mark holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Andrew Ward

Award Consulting

Andrew studied Mathematics & Computation at Oxford University, before joining Metaswitch, where he spent 14 years in various technical and management roles. He founded Award Consulting in 2016 where he leads a team of voice engineers focused on providing technical expertise to rural ILECs and CLECs.
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Peter Radizeski


Since 2001, RAD-INFO Inc has consulted with over 150+ service providers on voice, data, sales, marketing and strategy. We provide sales coaching, training and management to ISP sales teams throughout North America. We have advised over 50 ISPs in the launch of VoIP services from softswitch selection to product launch. 

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